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About Ricky Mathews

If you want details about Ricky Mathews’ life and times, it’s easy enough to find. Born in Alabama. Worked at newspapers in Alabama and Mississippi. But the most important thing about Ricky Mathews from a New Orleans perspective is that he has the gall to move to town and dismantle our newspaper. Even Hurricane Katrina couldn’t do that.

Ricky Mathews doesn’t know us. He doesn’t know our city. Yet he is attempting to dismantle a lifeline and a common thread. Ricky, please go home.

Mr. Mathews has tried to portray this move as a response to the inevitable decline of the newspaper, but it’s simply not an accurate portrayal of New Orleans. The Times-Picayune is profitable. With input from staff and community leaders who have stepped forward to help, the paper could be even better and more profitable in the future.

Mr. Mathews has ignored creative ideas and concrete solutions. He is clinging instead to a one size fits all digital idea that does not fit New Orleans.

Ricky go home. And give us our newspaper on your way out of town.

What you can do

The good news is that there is a lot you can do. Here are seven simple steps.

  1. Be confident that we can win. Steven Newhouse and Ricky Mathews continue to say the same old thing: they will not sell and they will not publish every day. We do not accept this. They expect this to die down and believe they can ride it out. Guess what. They can’t.
  2. Reach out to Times-Picayune staff members and let them know that they have your support.
  3. Sign the petition at
  4. Tell your friends and family to sign the petition. Follow up with them to make sure they do it.
  5. Attend events. Stay in touch to find out what other events are planned.
  6. Print these fliers and deliver / post far and wide!
  7. Think about what you can do and do it. We need to advocate for our daily paper in every way possible. If you work at an ice cream shop (or bar or restaurant), make a Ricky Go Home or Save Our Picayune sundae (or drink or dish) to keep the issue in the public eye. Call local radio stations and voice your support. Say novenas and organize others to join you. Let the press know about it. If your kids like to play with chalk, make sidewalk designs with this message. Save our picayune. Ricky go home.